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Pulsar Tap Tray


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Where To Buy Pulsar Tap Tray Online

Where To Buy Pulsar Tap Tray Online. Tapping out pipes is a routine action for most smokers. You can dig your bowl out with a tool or if you have an ideal surface that wont break the pipe, you can just turn it over and tap it until the ash falls out.

Of course if you tap a glass pipe on a hard ceramic, metal, or glass ashtray you can shatter it on accident. That’s where the Pulsar Tap Tray comes in. It is all dense, shock absorbing silicone that is easily washable and maintainable. This tray features slots for all your doobies and accessories.


  • Solid Black silicone Ashtray
  • Heat and impact resistant
  • Dimensions: 5.2 x 5.2 x 1.8 in
  • Rigid center pyramid strong enough for ash, soft enough for glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Pulsar and Smoking Accessories: Pulsar is a company that specializes in producing various smoking and vaping accessories. Their product range includes vaporizers, glassware, grinders, rolling trays, and other smoking-related items. Pulsar is known for combining innovative designs with functionality, catering to both casual and serious enthusiasts.

    Tap Tray: A “tap tray” is often used as a term for a type of rolling tray. A rolling tray is a flat, often rectangular surface designed to assist individuals in rolling cigarettes or joints. It provides a clean and organized space for preparing smoking materials. A tap tray might refer to a specific kind of rolling tray that offers unique features, although without more context, I can only speculate on what those features might be.

    Online Presence: Given the advancement of online shopping and the digital age, it’s common for smoking accessory brands like Pulsar to have an online presence. This includes official websites, e-commerce platforms, and potentially even social media accounts where customers can browse, learn about, and purchase their products.

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